Beauties And Their Little Beasts (16 Images)

All of us have read the story, Beauty, and the Beast and at some point, we liked the idea of that beautiful girl falling in love with the beast. That story depicted an extraordinary love where you don’t bother about the species of someone whom you fall in love with. The tale teaches us that […]

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All of us have grown up watching Disney movies, and most of us are in love with them because they have the capability of taking us to a dream world. All these Disney stories are incredible, and we bet that there are a lot of people who have watched all of them! Their characters have […]

Top 10 Most Charitable Celebrities (10 Images)

The celebrities are always in the spotlight and so whatever they do in front of us. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear a lot of good stuff about them because the media is always searching for a spiced up story and so many of the stars that we know have scandals. But there is another […]