Privacy Policy takes your privacy, as a reader and user, very seriously and always treats it with respect. The privacy policy written below details how we treat the information we collect when you visit our website.

Website Visitors

To help provide the best user experience, CurrentViral does collect some non-personally identifiable information from our readers. That information includes what web browser you are using when you browse our website, what country you are located, the general area of a country but never personal address, how long you chose to stay on our website, your IP address, as well as the date and time of your visit. We may also collect your email if you chose to sign up to our newsletter.

By collecting that information, we can continue improving our services for ours, and our readers benefit.


If you are ever receiving email subscriptions and feel you didn’t sign up to the service, we will always provide a link in the email for you to click when you want to unsubscribe. Unsubscribing means you will not receive any more emails.


All information listed above is stored in a secure web server running the best security measures possible. Thus, all non-personally identifiable information will never be shared with anyone. We also don’t ever sell information to any third-parties.


Most people know cookies as something you eat. Here on the web, it is something different: a cookie is stored in your web browser and can collect information that helps advertisers understand your browsing habits so you can see ads that are more relevant to you and have a higher chance of being worthwhile to you, as well as other information that can help website owners learn more about browsing habits. We at CurrentViral do use cookies to help us deliver a better user experience for our users. The cookie can collect data such as how people are using the website and their preferences when using the website should they be returning visitors. You can opt out of allowing cookies in your web browser settings.


The advertising agencies CurrentViral uses, such as Google and Google’s Adsense advertisements, use cookies to help deliver a better advertising experience by collecting information about browsing habits. Like with our cookies, you do have the choice of opting out of cookies in your browser settings if you prefer not to allow the cookie to work.

Links to Third Party Sites

The articles published on CurrentViral may contain third-party links from time to time. All parts of this privacy policy have been written with CurrentViral and its content in mind only and do not include links to third-party that users might click and leave our domain.

Privacy Policy Changes

Although any changes in future are likely to be minor one’s, CurrentViral retains the rights to be able to change the privacy policy at any time and without notifying its users. You are encouraged to check back and view the privacy policy page from time to time so you can read about any changes that might concern you in the future.